Anti Money Laundering

Napolitano Law Firm has been active, and continues to play a significant role, in Anti-Money Laundering Norms, providing assistance and consulting services to businesses, and more generally, to any subject under obligation by the Legal Directive no. 231, dated November 21st, 2007.

In detail, our law firm provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Consulting and Legal Assistance referring to requisites established under the Legal Directive no. 231 dated November 21st, 2007, also related to specific operations;
  • Due diligence and procedures for Clients, including data registration and storage, as well as signaling of any irregular activities;
  • Data storage in electronic digital archive;
  • Professional Training and Organization of Information Sessions on Anti-Money Laundering (Norms Structure, Client Obligations, Data Registration and Storage, Signaling of Suspect Activities, Indicators for Anomalies, Limits on Cash allowance, legal support to infringiments, etc.).

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