Our team at Napolitano Law Firm has particular expertise in consulting services offered to Banks, Insurance Firms, and other entities involved in real-estate mediation.

In particular, Napolitano Law Firm provides legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Banking and Corporate Contracts;
  • Banking and International Finance Contracts;
  • Compliance Norms for Financial Intermediaries;
  • Internal Control and Risk Assessment Procedures for Financial Intermediaries;
  • Policy Drafts and Procedures for the development of Banking and Financial Activities;
  • Anti-Money Laundering Measures and Measures against the Financing of Terrorism, elaborated and managed, and possibly outsourced, for national and foreign Financial Intermediaries, as well as for Public Sector Bodies;
  • Litigation with Tax Authority for the Financial Violations;
  • Management of Relations with Stakeholders and carrying out public affairs activities for companies operating in Financial Sector and pleas before Tax Authorities;
  • Debt Restructuring for Businesses in turmoil;
    Alignment of Financial Needs with Corporate and Financial Management.

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