Corporate Law

Napolitano Law Firm offers consulting services and high quality corporate legal assistance. Businesses are supported from an early stage of legal incorporation through to completion.

Specifically, our law firm provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Definition of Legal Structure and Legal Incorporation;
  • Drafting of Social Statutes;
  • Consulting services to Shareholders and Administrative Bodies;
  • Governance Assets Assessment;
  • Buy/Sell of Shares and Stock;
  • Corporate Transfer and/or Business Area Transfer;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Due Diligence Activities;
  • Joint Venture Pacts;
  • Corporate Restructuring;
  • Assistance in cross border transactions and M&A.

Napolitano Law Firm has assisted, and continues to assist, in several M&A operations. We have worked with foreign clients to perform acquisitions in Italy, as well as with Italian clients who are doing business overseas, each time partnering with top law firms in the country of operation.

Our firm provides consulting services to associates, administration officers, and members of Corporate Executives Board in their jurisdiction, as well as assistance on fiscal matters involved in individual operations.

In addition, we provide legal assistance to corporate clients on publicity issues specifically related to commercial activities, such as those involved in public offers, services related to the Code of Public Contracts.

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