Litigation & Arbitration

We defend Clients in all jurisdictions – ordinary or special – in civil, criminal, administrative, accounting and fiscal suits, as well as for procedures related to Independent Administrative Authorities.

Assistance is also provided in the “pre-litigation” phase, with the objective of preventing possible controversy, attempting alternative dispute resolution, as per mediation, conciliation, etc. while achieving extrajudicials settlement.

Our law firm has developed a significant expertise in arbitration procedures brought before national and international panels and authorities, with our team of professionals involved both in the defense as well as arbitrating and ruling as President, or single arbitrator, of the Arbitration Panel.

Fast and responsive settlement of controversies is considered an absolute priority at Napolitano Law Firm. We pay great attention to the definition of risks involved in business decision-making and provide consulting services on business strategy, aimed at protecting Client’s interests. Our focus is to formulate effective contractual procedures and strategies for the resolution of disputes in business negotiations and in delivering successful results.

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