Global Business Development 

Our firm is actively engaged in the development of medium-to-large businesses looking to operate globally. Particular attention is given to emerging markets with businesses engaged in all sectors of the global economy.

Our team provides legal assistance and consulting services on direct foreign investment (direct acquisition of local business and joint-ventures with local partners), and more generally, for commercial expansion projects in various geographic areas. We’ve developed our expertise in countries that included USA, South Africa, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya.

Consulting services are provided in various investment phases, specifically:

  • Investment Analysis and Assistance to Business for the purpose of obtaining permits/authorizations/licenses;
  • Identification and Selection of Strategic Partners;
  • Assistance in Negotiation Phase;
  • Corporate Structuring, Branch Development or Office of Representation;
  • Structuring and Managing Business Network;
  • International Fiscal, Tax and Customs Assistance;
  • Extraordinary operations, joint-ventures, M&A;
  • Financial Sources Research;
  • We draft and negotiate contracts necessary for the development of commercial expansion projects that includes finalizing infrastructure works and project finance. Drafting and negotiation of distribution agreements, contracts, and generally of preliminary activities finalized for the development of commercial expansion strategies; in particular, with respect to realize infrastructures projects, joint venture and project finance.

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